Update on our integration with Amazon Business as a vendor

Our technical integration with Amazon Business is still "in beta," which means we're working closely with their team every day to ensure that our systems work well together and to resolve technical issues.

Some of our customers have experienced delays or other problems with Amazon Business orders during our new partnership. We're so sorry for any frustration or concern and we want to provide an update on the beta integration and the steps we’re taking to improve it. As always, please contact our team if you notice any issues with your order. We'll respond to every inquiry and make sure each funded classroom receives the correct materials.

Some challenges you should know about:

  • Amazon Business can't process orders with more than 50 line items and 100 total order item quantities. Since identifying this issue, we’re working with teachers as they submit projects to split up large orders. For projects that have already been funded, we'll modify orders to avoid further order problems due to this limitation.
  • You may receive an email asking you to select replacement items if your funded materials are not available when we place your order. This happens when items are no longer available on Amazon Business, or when they can't be shipped within a few weeks. Some items may still appear available on Amazon.com if they are on back-order or have a limited quantity available.
  • Amazon carries many items usually offered by another vendor. For shopping help, review where to find commonly requested items or contact us.

Our team is committed to resolving every single order issue as quickly as we can, while also working with Amazon Business on improving our integration to prevent future problems. Our contact form is still the best way to reach us. It may take us a little bit longer than usual to respond to your email, but we will be able to help. As long as you contact us, there's no need to worry about any deadlines or due dates in our system.

Thanks, as always, for being a part of DonorsChoose.org and for everything you do to bring much-needed resources to classrooms.

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