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Special Request vendors

You can select materials from any vendor for a Special Request, but your choice of vendor may affect how the item is paid for if your project is fully funded.

  • If the item can be ordered easily through a website, we'll purchase it for you and have it shipped to your school. While you have the option of choosing any online vendor, we encourage you to thoroughly research the retailer you select to ensure it is a legitimate business. 
  • If the item needs a purchase order or invoice to be purchased, obtain a price quote to upload when you create the project. If your project is fully-funded, we may also ask you to place the order yourself and obtain an invoice to be paid by
  • If we can't place your order through a website or purchase order, you or your school will need to purchase the items and be reimbursed for the specific items and costs listed in your project. For reimbursements, you should NOT make any purchases until we send you an email with instructions. (More information: Reimbursement for Special Request Projects