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You don't have the necessary technology/materials to upload a photo to your account

Don’t let that hold you back from getting started! Below are a few suggestions that should help you get a photo up and your project started.

  1. Maybe a friend of yours has a camera that you could borrow. Or another teacher in your school (Are there computer or photography teachers? They might be a good bet!) Then you could take a photo, save it to your computer, and upload it directly to the site.

  2. Is there a library or shop (such as Kinkos) nearby where you could scan a photo? If you take and develop a regular image of your students or classroom, you can then scan it into a computer and upload it to our site! 

  3. You could search on the internet for un-copyrighted image that might serve your needs. If you search on Google images you can often find pictures of school supplies, schools, classrooms, and other school-related images that look great with a project! Donors prefer not to see Clipart, so we recommend selecting real images or drawings instead. 

In any of these cases, you are welcome to upload an image of your students, you, your school, your classroom, school supplies, artwork, student work, or anything else that you feel will inspire donors and represent your classroom and projects. Our donors report that the unique appeal of DonorsChoose.org is the opportunity to see and directly hear from a classroom in need, so keep that goal in mind as you select a photo.

Have a digital photo but not sure how to upload it? See our photo upload instructions.