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Classroom photo guidelines

Inspire donors. Protect your students.

Choose an inspiring and safe photo to display on all of your projects. This photo will appear alongside your school name and location.

Use photos showing: 

Subject matter

students playing hand drums      a student looking through a microscope      a class working out during gym

Students in action

students playing with a visiting therapy dog      students tending plants in the school garden      students buidling a structure with wood and foam

Student personalities

two students reading a book together in a laundry basket      students smiling and cheering in tie dye class shirts      a student dressed as a knight with his sword drawn

Student work

a student-made mouse trap car      a student-made painting of the very hungry caterpillar      students learning math with legos

Vibrant classrooms

a vibrant classroom library      a vibrant classroom with lots of balloons      a vibrant classroom with bright tables


Do not use photos showing:

Emojis or blurring over students' faces Classroom stock images Product stock images Clip art Close-ups of student faces

Need some more ideas? We've got you covered! Check out our tips for capturing compelling classroom photos.