Finding the names of your donors to complete your thank-you package

Great news...we've kept things simple for you!

The names of the donors who require student thank-yous can be found in your thank-you package instructions. You won't need to search for this information on your project page.

You can access these instructions by logging into your teacher account and scrolling down the page until you see the section titled, “Funded Projects: action needed.”

Under the “Funded Projects” section, locate your project title and find the link with your “full instructions”.

Note: All donors will see your 6 project photos and impact letter. However, not all donors receive student thank-yous. Only donors who contribute $50 or more qualify to receive student thank-yous. In some cases, donors qualifying to receive student thank-yous may choose to opt out of receiving these thank-yous. (We'll only list the names of donors who have qualified and said they wish to receive student thank-yous).

Your thank-you package instructions page for student thank-yous will list the names of all donors who should receive student thank-yous for your project. Please submit at least 5 student thank-you letters per qualifying donor listed.

Regarding anonymous donors: We give donors the opportunity to share their names if they’d like to, but we also respect their privacy if they choose to remain anonymous. So, it's possible you won't see names listed for all of your donors. In this case, it’s perfectly fine to have your students address these donors as “Dear Friend”.