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Shabby Chic:

Photos for your thank-you package

Ready to take photos to upload for your thank-you package? We’ve got some great tips to help guide you!

Awesome photos:

  • The whole class or small groups of students using the project materials (at least two students per picture)
  • Students holding up the materials you received
  • If you can't take pictures of your students because of school restrictions or difficulty getting signed permission slips, don’t worry! You can still post pictures that don't show your students' faces. For example, try pictures where the students' backs are facing the camera, over the shoulder shots, or pictures where only hands are shown using the materials you received.

Not-so-awesome photos:

  • Photos taken without a flash
  • Close-ups of one student (due to privacy/safety concerns)
  • Photos that include student last names or classroom numbers (please look out for name tags or name plates on student desks, as well as classroom number signs!)
  • Inappropriate subject matter

Examples of awesome photos:

 Group of students huddled at a table coloring together

Group of students holding up their art projects

Students with their teacher, gathered around a 3D printer A group of students all reading the same book