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Thanking your donors

There are several points during the life of your project when you have chances thank the donors who have lent their support!

  • If your project has been partially funded and you’d like to leave a thank-you note, you'll see a blue "Thank this donor" button below every donation to your project. Thank-you comments are optional, but highly encouraged!
  • When your project has been fully funded, you will receive an email asking you to confirm the funding for your project. You'll need to write a short message to your donors as part of this process to share your thanks and let them know the project is moving forward. (Remember: funding confirmation, including this confirmation note, is a required part of the DonorsChoose.org process, but it’s separate from your thank-you package!)
  • After your materials have arrived or your project has been implemented, you will need to complete a three-part thank-you package. This will include 6 project photos of your students using the materials, an impact letter describing the impact the project has had on your classroom and student thank-you’s for donors who have given $50 or more (and said they wished to hear from your students). Every project requires a thank-you package.

Thanking your donors is important! When a donor receives a thank-you, they’re more likely to come back and give again. They might even fund another one of your projects!