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Difference between the impact letter and the note written when confirming a fully-funded project

Over the life of your project, you’ll write two letters to your donors. They both play an important role in communicating with your donors, but they serve very different functions!

The message you write before your materials are ordered, the confirmation note, is part of the funding confirmation process, and is meant to be more of a simple check-in with your donors. It’s an opportunity for you to quickly share your thanks and let them know the project’s moving forward.

Your impact letter, on the other hand, is a letter that describes how the project was implemented in your classroom and how your students benefited from the funded materials - and should be completed after your project has started or fully taken place. It gives your donors the opportunity to read your reflections on how their support has directly affected you and your students, and provides each donor with a personal connection to your project and classroom. The more they feel connected to your project, the more likely they are to continue supporting incredible teachers like you!