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Warmth Care & Hunger Winter Clothing Shopping Guide

This guide will help you shop for resources that meet your students’ critical needs for warm winter clothing and allow them to focus more fully in the classroom.  

Pants: Grainger

Socks: Grainger, Quill.com

Sweatshirts: Grainger

Long Sleeve Shirts: Grainger, School Specialty, Staples Advantage

Gloves: Grainger, Quill.com

Jackets/Coats: Grainger, Staples Advantage

Knit Hats & Earwarmers: Grainger

Rain Jackets & Ponchos: Grainger, Staples Advantage, Quill.com

Thermal Shirts & Underwear: Grainger

Umbrellas: Grainger, Quill.com, Staples Advantage

Winter Boots: Grainger