#FillEveryShelf with matched donations to book projects on October 18th and 19th, 2017

Update 10/20/17: That's a wrap!  Thanks to teachers and donors in our incredible community, thousands of books are on their way to classrooms around the country.  New donations to book projects will no longer be matched, but they'll be just as important for spreading a love of reading everyday!


Books have the power to bring you back in time, into the future, and to see the world through another person’s eyes.  That’s why they’re a classroom essential; they can make all the difference to a student’s education.  On October 18th and 19th, we’re helping teachers #FillEveryShelf with matched donations to book projects.

This offer will match all donations to book projects from 7:00 AM EST on Wednesday, 10/18 through Thursday, 10/19, giving teachers a full two days to reach out to their networks to take advantage of the matching funds for their current book projects.  If you’re a teacher who doesn’t currently have a book project, we hope this advance notice gives you time to craft the perfect project to fill your bookshelves next week.

You’ll know your project qualifies if, on October 18th, you have this logo on your project!


You’ll also receive an email from our team to let you know when #FillEveryShelf has begun for your project.

Here’s how to qualify:

  • Create a project that requests primarily books.  If you have an approved project that's categorized as books, you're good!
  • You can post more than one project. In fact, if your project will be over $500, we recommend that you break it into multiple projects.
  • Your project must be approved by 10/18-10/19 to receive matched donations, so the best time to get started is right now!
  • Donations made on 10/18 and 10/19 will be matched.  Donations made before this match offer is live will not be matched.

Create your project

If your project meets the criteria above, you should see the match offer applied to your project from 10/18 through 10/19. The match offer won’t appear on your project during Friends and Family Pre-funding, and donations made during that time will only be matched if your project is approved before or during the #FillEveryShelf timeframe.


To give teachers a full 48 hours to take advantage of the match, this match offer will begin at 7:00 AM EST on 10/18 and end at 7:00 AM EST on 10/20.