Full funding for Vermont FIRST® projects, thanks to the Argosy Foundation

Update 11/16/17: All available funding for this opportunity has been applied to eligible projects. 


Vermont teachers: are you ready to engage your students in a new kind of STEM experience?  FIRST® teams are a great way to get students making and coding robots. With this full funding opportunity from the Argosy Foundation, Vermont teachers can start a FIRST team or equip their current team with the things they need to succeed.

Registration for this opportunity closes on November 10, 2017, so get started with your FIRST project today for the best chance of funding!

Here’s how to qualify for FIRST full funding:

  • You teach at a public or public charter school in the state of Vermont.
  • Read about the different kinds of FIRST teams here to see which is the best fit for your classroom.
  • Create an account on firstinspires.org and request a payment document to get started with a FIRST LEGO® League Jr., FIRST Tech Challenge, or FIRST Robotics Competition team.  More details on registering for each team below!
  • Before November 10, create a project and enter the campaign code VTMAKER (click “Got a campaign code?” at the bottom of the HI step in your project).
  • If you’re starting a FIRST team or requesting materials not available in our preferred vendors, create a special request project by clicking “create a special request project” at the bottom of the WHAT step in your project.
  • Use the payment document you generated in your firstinspires.org account to complete the steps outlined in the WHAT stage.
  • Select a subject under Math & Science. 

If your project meets the criteria above, you should see the match offer applied to your project as soon as it’s approved and live on the site (however, it won’t appear during Friends and Family Pre-funding). We’ll review projects for full funding every Friday before November 10.

FAQ about creating a FIRST project

What do I need to create a special request project for my FIRST team?

If you’re starting a new team:

Create a team on firstinspires.org and select the “My Team” option in your dashboard. On this screen you’ll see a “Finance Options” button which will give you an option to create an invoice or payment document for your project.

  • For FIRST LEGO League Jr., and FIRST Robotics Competition, you’ll need a payment document from FIRST with your unique team number, the type of team registration, and the price of registration, which you’ll use to create your project.
  • For FIRST Tech Challenge, follow the steps below.
    • Cart your registration and any additional resources needed for your team
    • Fill in as the billing address: DonorsChoose.org 134 W. 37th St. New York, NY 10018
    • Click “Generate a printable quote” and use this document to create your project
    • Once your project is fully funded, sign into firstinspires.org and submit your order. The invoice or payment document generated can be uploaded on your project for payment.

For all teams, we’ll pay for your materials and registrations only after your project is fully funded.

If you’re requesting resources for your existing team:

You may find what you’re looking for in our preferred vendors (like Amazon Business), but if not, you might check out LEGO Education or Pitsco.  To request something that’s available online as a special request, you’ll need the link to each resource you’re requesting and the exact price of that resource.  To request something that’s not available online, you’ll need a price quote on the vendor’s letterhead with their address, your school’s address, an itemized list of your requested resources, and the total cost of your resources. We’ll purchase any materials for fully funded projects, so no need to make payments on your own!

Why don’t I see the “create a special request project” button?

Click “WHAT” at the top the page when you’re creating a project, then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.  If you don’t see a white button with blue text blue button that says “create a special request project,” contact us and let us know you’re a Vermont teacher starting a FIRST project for the Argosy full funding opportunity and we’ll make sure to update your account!