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Project Resource Type

In October 2017, we updated the way we characterize the type of resource a teacher requests on their classroom projects. We’ve moved from manual self-reporting from 4 generic categories (technology, books, supplies, trips & visitors), to automated categorization from 14 nuanced categories based on the items listed on each project request. On the project search page, you can filter for projects in any category through the left-hand search bar under “resource type,” and teachers will have one fewer step when they create their projects!

We’re excited to more accurately represent the resources teachers are requesting, bringing an increased level of detail to the resources teachers need in their classrooms.

The new resource categories are:

  • Computers and Tablets - laptops, tablets, monitors, computer & tablet accessories
  • Instructional Technology - music players, CDs, headphones, printers, scanners, document cameras, projectors, cameras, calculators, robotics, software
  • Books - all types of books
  • Classroom Basics - paper, writing utensils, binders, dry erase boards, index cards, stickers, posters
  • Lab Equipment - beakers, scales, gardening supplies, stethoscopes, tape measures, shovels, power supplies
  • Flexible Seating - exercise balls, bean bags, stools, sofas, yoga mats, all chairs
  • Reading Nooks, Desks, Storage - carpets/rugs, benches, tables, desks (+stand-up desks), lighting, cubbies/lockers, cabinets/shelves, bookshelves, baskets/bins, AV carts, chart stands, storage hooks
  • Sports and Exercise Equipment - sports-related equipment, fitness equipment, bikes, exercise videos, sandboxes
  • Educational Kits & Games - math/reading games, board games, flash cards, pretend play, card games, puzzles, stuffed animals, puppets, model building kits, dice, activity centers, any kind of toy
  • Art Supplies - painting supplies, drawing supplies,tapes, glues, scissors, construction paper, knitting supplies
  • Musical Instruments - instruments, instrument accessories, studio sound equipment, karaoke equipment
  • Food, Clothing, Hygiene - food/snacks, clothing, first aid kits, deodorant, tissues, air fresheners, irons, cleaning supplies
  • Class Trips - an out-of-classroom experience for students or teacher professional development
  • Class Visitors - speakers, performers, etc that visit a school or classroom to provide a lesson