Classroom Rewards for Schools that Participate in the Kindness Challenge, thanks to Stand for Children

Thanks to generous funding from our friends at Stand for Children, middle schools that participate in the Middle School Kindness Challenge can earn $500 in funding for their schools.

Kind schools are more effective at helping students succeed, both in school and in life. The Middle School Kindness Challenge is a unique collaboration among leading education organizations, distinguished teachers, and acclaimed researchers. It provides access to high quality  classroom activities, free of charge, to educators who want to incorporate kindness into the school day and help their students build empathy, strengthen relationships, and develop a positive mindset. At a time when it couldn’t be more important, the Kindness Challenge is a smart, positive, doable way to  foster a more positive climate in middle schools across the country!

How it works:

  1. If you’re a middle school teacher at a public or public charter school, tell your colleagues and principal about the Kindness Challenge. Here’s where you can learn all about how to explain this challenge to your school.
  2. Once you’ve gotten the thumbs-up from your principal, invite 2-4 other teachers, administrators, counselors, or even students to be your school’s Kindness Captains. One of the  Kindness Captains signs your school up here.
  3. Once your school is registered, get at least 50% of the teachers to join your school’s challenge.
  4. Complete the challenge’s three phases, which include a kickoff activity, teaching kindness-building lessons, and a final all-school activity. The Middle School Kindness Challenge website will walk you through the Challenge, which is designed to be completed in four weeks.
  5. After the end of Phase 3, the Kindness Captain will be asked to record and share materials showcasing your school-wide final activity (photos, student work, etc.). You’ll receive a confirmation once you have completed the challenge.
  6. Stand for Children will email your Kindness Captain a $500 gift code to the first 500 completing schools within two weeks of the Challenge end date.
  7. Register your school before October 20 and complete the steps above by November 21st!