Hurricane Recovery Efforts has created recovery funds to directly support teachers in classrooms that have been damaged in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

We’ve created two separate funds, the Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund and the Hurricane Irma Recovery Fund, to support recovery from both storms. Every dollar donated to either fund will be used to support classroom projects from damaged schools.


Detailed information about ordering holds and funding by school/district:

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Irma


How can donors support the effort?

Donors can make an unrestricted donation to the Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund or the Hurricane Irma Recovery Fund that will be applied to classroom projects as soon as they are posted by teachers in damaged schools. Once projects are posted, we’ll also display them on the same page so that donors may select specific classrooms that they wish to support. 


How will you go about funding classrooms?

We will apply recovery funds to projects from schools that experienced significant damage during the hurricanes, helping teachers reclaim items lost in the storm and/or helping classrooms relocating to another facility. We’ll also add projects from damaged schools to the recovery fund page so that other donors can easily find them. See detailed information about which schools will be featured on the Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma FAQ page.


Teachers at schools severely damaged by the storm: You can create a project for the supplies you need to rebuild your classroom and our team will add it to our recovery fund page (if you don’t yet have an account on, get started here). It helps to describe within your project the impact of the hurricane at your school. We’ll apply recovery funds to projects using the guidelines above, first funding projects at schools severely damaged by the storms.


Information for teachers impacted by the hurricanes

We’ve halted ordering for schools in areas that are affected (see details about Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma). We'll hold funded project orders for schools and teachers from affected districts until schools are able to reopen, relocate, or securely receive deliveries. For more information on how our team is managing project orders for impacted areas, check out this video.

Our community is also eager to help classrooms that were not physically damaged but are aiming to support students who have been personally impacted as you rebuild. We encourage you to submit a project for resources you and your students need, whether in the classroom or life essentials for your students at home, and explain the impact the hurricane has had on your students. While we'll first be applying funds to solely to damaged schools, we'll link from the fund page to projects from surrounding areas so that donors can easily access and support your classrooms.


How teachers around the US can help

We know teachers step up to the plate when disaster strikes, and we’ve started to see projects submitted from teachers around the country for materials to send to hurricane-affected areas. In order to remain transparent to our donors about where exactly materials will be going, we aren’t able to approve projects requesting materials to ship directly to hurricane-affected schools. This isn't to limit the impulse to give; rather it allows us to make sure that the materials get to the right place as quickly as possible, that we're able to provide support in the event that those shipments get delayed or if materials arrive damaged, and that we’re able to be transparent about where resources are being sent.

The best way to support teachers in affected areas is to help them in posting projects of their own. This way we can be clear with donors about where their support is going, we can help fund their project through our recovery fund, and make sure there's someone on the ground to take care of the materials as they arrive.