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Fast Company just named DonorsChoose.org one of 2019’s Most Innovative Companies — so we’re celebrating the world’s most innovative teachers!

DonorsChoose.org National Teacher Ambassador Program

This year, we're launching a national Teacher Ambassador Program across all 50 states, working with a select group of teachers. Teacher Ambassadors will work with DonorsChoose.org staff and teachers to help more teachers in their area tap into funding through DonorsChoose.org, making sure students can have the best school year without teachers/educators needing to foot the bill out of their own paycheck.


How are Teacher Ambassadors selected?
For our national launch, we identified DonorsChoose.org teachers to represent specific geographic regions where we saw that many teachers in low-income communities had yet to access funding from DonorsChoose.org.


What is the goal of the National Teacher Ambassador Program?
The goal of the pilot DonorsChoose.org National Teacher Ambassador Program is to help 4,000 new teachers across the nation create their very first project on DonorsChoose.org, getting the resources they need for their classroom without needing to pay out of pocket.


How can I become a part of the National Teacher Ambassador Program?
The National Teacher Ambassador Program has launched and will be accepting applications until 1/12/2018. If you’d be interested in joining the Teacher Ambassador Program in the future, let us know here.


Interested in working alongside our Teacher Ambassadors to bring DonorsChoose.org to your state? Check out some of the resources our Teacher Ambassadors will be using to reach out to teachers at our ‘Helping another teacher use DonorsChoose.org’ page.