Creating a project for the Chevron Maker Contest in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

As part of this year’s Fuel Your School program, Chevron is launching its first-ever Maker Contest to promote Bay Area teachers’ most creative STEM maker projects. Alameda and Contra Costa county teachers who submit a STEM-related Maker project in the Fuel Your School program can include the code CHEVRONMAKER when they create their project to enter the contest and a chance to win a gift code. First Place Prize is worth $5,000! and Maker Ed, a national non-profit organization that provides educators the resources they need to enhance learning experiences through maker education, will be part of the judging panel to select three winners among the eligible project entries. The first place winner will receive a $5,000 gift code, the second place winner will receive a $2,500 gift code, and the third place winner will receive a $1,000 gift code. Projects submitted for the contest will still be eligible for full funding, with the help of Chevron’s Fuel Your School program.

What’s a Maker project, you ask?  Any STEM-related project that gets your students tinkering, building, designing, sketching, prototyping, taking things apart, and/or problem solving!  Judges will judge entries based on creativity, innovation, and originality using the judging criteria described in the Official Rules.  

Here’s how to enter the Chevron Fuel Your School Maker Contest:

  • Make sure you’re eligible as a K-12 teacher in Alameda or Contra Costa County; pre-K projects are not eligible
  • Enter the code CHEVRONMAKER when you create your eligible Maker project, after September 1, 2017 
  • Submit your project request as part of the Fuel Your School Program beginning on September 1, 2017 at 12AM EDT (or August 31, starting at 9PM PDT).  The contest entry period ends on September 15, 2017.
  • Request resources that help your students innovate and make STEM solutions (Class Trip, Class Visitor and Professional Development projects are not eligible)
  • Keep your materials cost under $1,000
  • Be sure you do not submit your project before September 1, 2017 starting at 12AM EDT (or August 31, starting at 9PM PDT)
  • Winners of this contest will need to attend the final day of the Bay Area Science Festival, so make sure you’re available on November 11, 2017

Create your project

Projects submitted for the contest will still be eligible for funding through the Fuel Your School program.