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Summertime thank-yous for Zeal At Home projects

Summertime thank-yous for Zeal At Home projects

Because Zeal At Home projects take place over the summer - and, therefore, outside the classroom - putting together your thank-you package might be a bit more complicated than usual. So let’s talk about what’s required, and how to go about it!

What’s required?

Although Zeal At Home projects are a little different, they’re still projects - and that means thank-you packages are still part of the picture! If possible, we’re still hoping you can deliver the two usual pieces (for this project, you don’t have to do student thank-yous). We’ll need:

  • 6 photos: pictures of your students using the Zeal program
  • Impact letter: a letter from you describing the ways in which your students’ math skills have improved thanks to their summer tutoring 

How do I put this all together?

Without your direct involvement, collecting project photos and writing about the project’s impact could be a little tricky. But not to worry! You’ve got two great options:

  1. Coordinate with parents over the summer so that they can work directly with their child on the thank-you package
  2. Meet with your students in the Fall to hear how their summer tutoring went and create the thank-you package together

Since parents will have a more direct view into the summer’s Zeal tutoring, reaching out to them will probably be the better option - and we’ve got the tools to help! You can share this document with your students’ parents; it describes the value of thank-you packages, and shows them how they can be a resource for you.

Additionally, we’ve put together a sample email to send to them, to get you started:


Hi [parent’s name],

Hope you’ve been having a great summer so far! I’m still so glad that Zeal At Home tutoring is available - and free! - thanks to a partnership with The final step for this summer project is to thank our donors by letting them know how the program went.

Since the tutoring is taking place at home rather than in the classroom, I’m hoping you’ll be able to partner with me to create a thank-you package for our donors - you can give me the inside scoop! Here’s a more detailed explanation about the whole thing, but I’m also tucking a short version below my signature, too. Thanks so much for helping out!

With gratitude,

--[your name]

Here’s what I need:

  • I’m writing an impact letter to our donors. Could you reply with just a few sentences, answering one (or all!) of the following questions?
    • Let’s give the donors an inside scoop; how did the tutoring go?
    • How has the tutoring helped your child develop their math skills?
    • As the new school year approaches, how has this summer of tutoring set your child up for success?
  • I’ll share a few photos of the tutoring sessions in action. Could you reply with 2 photos of your child using the tutoring program?


We know this is a lot, but thank you in advance for being game to go the extra mile for your students and donors. If you do run into trouble with the thank-you package, just reach out to us. We’ll figure things out together!