Double Your Impact on math tutoring projects from Zeal At Home

Update7/6/2017: All funding for this opportunity has been allocated to eligible projects.  We'll update this page if any additional funding becomes available!


As the 2016-2017 school year comes to a close, you might already be thinking of ways to support your students’ learning during the summer.  Along with the online tutoring platform Zeal, is excited to help!  Projects requesting Zeal summer math tutoring subscriptions for up to 10 students can qualify for a Double Your Impact match offer while funding lasts.

Zeal At Home is an online service which provides students with one-on-one math tutoring over the summer with a Zeal-approved instructor. Read more about Zeal here.

Here’s how to qualify:

  • Identify up to 10 students you’d like to support with online math tutoring this summer
  • Make sure those students have at-home internet access and a working desktop, laptop, or iPad
  • Make sure you have a working email address or phone number for the students' families (you'll need to send them account information if your project is fully funded over the summer)
  • Be prepared to communicate with your students’ families about helping with your special summertime thank-you package (since completing one without direct access to your students can be a bit more difficult)
  • Create a project that requests no more than 10 Zeal at-home tutoring subscriptions from AKJ and no other resources
  • One project per teacher can qualify for this offer

Create your project

Once your project is fully funded, simply send parents to to sign up (there's no deadline!). All a parent needs is your name, email, and school. Here is a flyer about Zeal you can send home to parents to gauge their interest and help them sign up, and remember, parents might be part of completing your special summertime thank-you package.

If your project meets the criteria above, you’ll see the match offer applied as soon as your project is live.  If you accidentally receive the match offer when you’ve requested other resources beyond Zeal subscriptions, our team will remove the match offer and reach out to help you create a second project for any additional resources you need.