#BestSchoolDay: When to expect my materials (Updated 4/18/2018)

On March 28, 2018, Ripple fully funded every single live DonorsChoose.org classroom project with the largest single donation in our history. Over 35,000 projects were funded in one enormous $29 million dollar act of generosity!

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Selective Funding for FIRST team projects

This back-to-school season, FIRST and NewsCorp are thrilled to support teachers again in leading FIRST teams with a selective funding opportunity.  Projects requesting resources to support FIRST teams can have the chance to receive selective funding from FIRST.  Unlike a match offer, this selective funding opportunity will help your project be considered by FIRST for a donation to partially fund your project.  

Here’s how to get a project considered for selective FIRST funding:

  • You already lead a FIRST team at your school or want to start a FIRST team
  • Create a project requesting resources for your FIRST team, like 3D printers, laptops, computer tablets, FIRST robot supplies, LEGO robot or building sets, hand or power tools or any other FIRST team material need.
  • If you need to request points to create a Special Request project for any of the resources you need, let us know.
  • Projects requesting FIRST registration will not receive selective funding now, but will have the opportunity to be selectively funded in May.
  • Class trips and visitors won’t be considered for this opportunity, but you can still post a project requesting a trip or visitor following the regular guidelines.
  • Once your project is approved, fill out this form to have it considered for FIRST funding.

Create your project
Once you’ve filled out the form, use these tips to boost your fundraising while FIRST reviews your project.  If your project is selected, you’ll receive a donation from FIRST within 2-4 weeks of your project’s approval date.