Selective Funding from FIRST® for New and Participating Teams

Does your FIRST® team need new equipment? Does your school need a FIRST team, period?  We’re excited to partner with FIRST on this new initiative to support teams all over the country and help you start one at your school. Selected qualifying projects can receive up to $6500 for the things their team needs to succeed!


Here’s how to qualify:

  • Create a project requesting FIRST team registration fees, materials, equipment, or team travel costs (if you need extra points for a special request for materials not offered by our vendors or for a trip, let us know and mention that you’re creating a project for the FIRST offer)
  • Below is the maximum amount each type of FIRST team can receive, which may or may not fully fund your project:

- FIRST® LEGO®  League Jr. single teams: $500

- FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. Season Pass teams: $4000

- FIRST® LEGO® League teams: $1000

- FIRST® Tech Challenge teams: $3000

- FIRST® Robotics Competition teams: $6500

  • Once you’ve submitted your project, fill out this short survey to submit your project link so that FIRST can review your submission

Create your project
Once you’ve completed the survey, your project will be considered by FIRST on a first come, first served basis.  If selected, you’ll receive a donation in accordance with the amounts above.  Keep in mind that this selective funding opportunity is not a guarantee of full funding, and FIRST hopes to inspire your community of donors to rally around these projects, too!  Here are some of our favorite fundraising tips that we’ve learned from our teacher community.