2X Match on Student Life Essentials Projects

Update 12/27/17: All funding for this opportunity has been fully applied to eligible projects, and no more projects or donations can benefit from this offer. We'll update this page if more funding becomes available. 


We know that teachers wear many hats and consistently go above and beyond for their students. They’re often the front-line social workers in schools, and regularly assist their students with critical life needs, like warm coats, clean clothes, personal hygiene items, and food that would otherwise have been provided at home. Our Student Life Essentials supporters are matching donations to these projects because having these materials means students can come to school with confidence, ready to learn and set up for success!

Projects that are part of the Student Life Essentials campaign must request essential items for a student’s personal use, that help fill a basic need that is not being met otherwise.  Examples include warm clothing, hygiene products, food to take home on nights or weekends, or breakfast for students who may not otherwise get to school with a full belly.  These projects may involve sensitive topics, and we know you're the expert on what your students need most.  We'll take every measure to ensure your students' privacy and safety. 

Here's how to qualify:

  • Enter the campaign code ESSENTIALS when you start your project by clicking "Got a campaign code?" (see image below).

  • Request essential resources that will support your students' health or wellbeing.  Instructional materials, classroom cleaning and first aid products, and in-class snacks or incentives will not qualify for this campaign.
  • Select the subject area Warmth, Care & Hunger.

Create your project

If your project meets the criteria above, you'll see the match offer applied as soon as your project is live and new donations will be matched.


FAQ about creating an eligible project


I forgot to enter the ESSENTIALS code!  Can you add it for me?

Don’t sweat it!  Our team will review projects in the Warmth, Care & Hunger category once a week to make sure we’re not missing any projects that could qualify.

I want to request something that will help my classes for many years to come.  Any ideas?

We love the way you think!  Some ideas for long-term Student Life Essentials are a clothing or food pantry for students in need, or supplies to maintain a classroom washing machine (specifically for student clothing).

Is it ok that my students will take these resources home?

Yes!  We hope this campaign will give you a way to help your students outside the classroom.  Whether you’re requesting food, coats, clothes, toothbrushes, umbrellas, or tampons, we (and the Student Life Essentials supporters) think it’s awesome that you’ll be sending them home with your students.

This is different from our regular materials ownership policy, so check out the specifics here.

My students are really hungry during class. What kinds of food can I request?

The goal of this campaign is to fulfill urgent life needs before school starts, so the best food to provide for your students is easy-to-prepare meals that they can take home or eat at the start of the day.  Some ideas include soup, nutrient bars, and instant oatmeal for breakfast.

We recognize that some students may need to eat more food intermittently throughout the day in order to stay alert, and if your students aren’t able to bring in food from home, nutrient-dense foods like nuts, granola bars, or whole grains are eligible for this campaign. Sugary snacks, like cookies and candy, won’t qualify for this campaign.


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