2X Match with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation in the STEAM Innovation Challenge

After careful consideration of the thousands of amazing projects that were submitted as part of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation STEAM Innovation Challenge, we’re excited to announce 10 winners (see below)!  After taking a look at the 10 winning projects, we invite teachers to create a project that replicates one winning idea for your classroom.  Make sure to keep your total project goal under $1500 to qualify for the match offer!  Click the button below one of the winning ideas on the list to follow to get started.

Here’s how to qualify:

  • Select one of the winning project ideas below to emulate
  • Click the green button below that winning project to get started (only projects created with the buttons on this page can receive the match offer)
  • You won’t need to enter a campaign code to get started, as long as you’ve clicked one of the green buttons below
  • Identify in your project essay which idea you were inspired by, and how you’ll replicate it in your classroom
  • Keep your total project goal under $1500 including taxes, shipping, and the suggested donation to support DonorsChoose.org


It's More Than Just Crafternoon at the STEAM Lab! from Ms. Capwell

From these basic art supplies and tools, students can engage in the design-to-build process for a multitude of projects: designing a better blade for a wind generator, or creating cutting-edge wearable electronic fashion, or prototyping a better widget and then 3D printing it.  

Create a project inspired by Ms. Capwell’s


TechHacks! Help Brooklyn Students Get Creative with Computer Science from Ms. Davey

After school, I am privileged to advise the Girls Who Code club, a group of ~40 highly motivated 9th -12th grade girls passionate about coding and closing the gender gap in STEM fields...The girls in leadership positions of the club had the amazing idea to host Brooklyn Tech’s first-ever hack-a-thon. 

Create a project inspired by Ms. Davey’s


Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego? from Teacher Ross

My junior meteorologists will choose a city from around the world and track the weather of that city for a week. The data collected will then be used to plot the temperature and rainfall amounts on a line graph using graph paper. Students will then have to create a piece of artwork that appropriately identifies a particular region's climate such as desert, tropical, tundra and ect.

Create a project inspired by Teacher Ross’


STEAM arcKIDecture: Understanding Art and Architectural Process from Ms. Zabala

Our goal is to give our students hands-on experience in series of lessons about architecture. Then, they will use Lego Architecture and Meccano building sets to design and create different famous public structures.

Create a project inspired by Ms. Zabala’s


Around the world in 180 Days from Ms. Abell

Did you ever watch The Magic Schoolbus and desperately wish to be in Ms. Frizzles's class? Ms. Frizzle would always lead her students to the depths of the Earth in her magic bus to get a hands-on view of the world around them. With these VR Viewers my students will have the opportunity to travel to all of those amazing places!

Create a project inspired by Ms. Abell’s


STEAM into Learning from Mrs. O’Brien

Through the process of using these materials, students will create a blueprint, construct a real life object using just specific materials in a given bin, write about their structure and finally, share with their classmates their results.

Create a project inspired by Mrs. O’Brien’s


How Do I Calculate Color? From Ms. Namowicz

Sometimes the most artistically inclined students are turned off by math and science.  My goal is to use these materials to show my chemistry students how interrelated the fields of art and chemistry truly are.

Create a project inspired by Ms. Namowicz’s


STEAM in the Theatre Classroom! from Mr. Barendt

Drama education and STEAM are intrinsically linked - the technical and academic skills required to design costumes, hang and plot lighting designs, plan and build sets are powerful skills for any student to learn.  This project will focus on lighting design education. I want to put powerful tools in my classroom so that students can be using the same technology used by professionals and push their critical thinking and problem solving skills to the next level.

Create a project inspired by Mr. Barendt’s


 Minecraft Strategy/Construction Game for Learning and Creativity from Mr. T

Its very design encourages creative thinking. The game is often compared to Legos, in that the players use block structures to come up with imaginative creations. Now Minecraft can be a tool for students to interact with the design of historic places and buildings. They can go to Italy and see the Roman Coliseum, or they can go to London and view the Globe Theatre.

Create a project inspired by Mr. T’s


Mapping & Navigating Our Neighborhoods with Ozobot the Mini Robot from Mrs. Mundt

In the lesson, students will create maps of their neighborhoods using the Ozobot's language; once done, they will have an Ozobot traverse their map.

Create a project inspired by Mrs. Mundt’s