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How to create a smaller version of your current project

We know that projects $500 or less have an 80% chance of being funded. If you have a project that’s $1,000 or more, breaking up that project into smaller pieces can be a great way to give your project the best odds of success.

To make it happen, you can first archive your current project and then create a new, smaller version. Don’t worry—you won’t need to start from scratch!

Here’s how to archive your current project:

  1. Log in to your account and click on “Manage your projects.”
  2. Scroll down to “Projects.”
  3. Next to your current project, click on “Archive project.” When a pop-up appears asking you to confirm that you’d like to archive your project, click “Archive.”

Here’s how to create your new project without needing to start from scratch:

  1. On your “Projects” page, scroll down to and select “Other archived.”
  2. Click on the project that you just archived.
  3. Keeping that project open in one tab, open in a separate tab. (Not sure how? Here’s a guide.)
  4. Click on “Create a new project.”
  5. Select your project type from the “Hi” step.  On the “Who” step, you’ll notice that we saved the “My Students” section, your class photo, and the number of students who’ll benefit.
  6. During the “What” step, shop for your items, and try to keep your cost under $500.
  7. When you get to the “Why” step, copy and paste your project title and essay from your original project.  Just make sure your new project only reflects the items in your new project.
  8. Then, click submit!

Soon your new, smaller version of your project will be up and running—with much higher odds of getting funding, and likely a much shorter review time than you had for the first project. And any donors who supported your first project will have just received an email letting them know they can send you their donation to use on your new project.

Create a new, smaller version of your project

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