gift codes for getting girls to code

Update: Classroom funding rewards are no longer available. Students can still complete any of the following coding courses below.


In collaboration with, Google Made with Code is offering $1,000 (possibly more!) in classroom funding to teachers who successfully lead 4 or more female U.S. public high school students through either Codecademy or Khan Academy’s 12 hour intro to computer science course.

Only 18% of computer science graduates are women, and Google is interested in encouraging more girls to learn how to code. Funding rewards are therefore just for girls right now. The courses are DEFINITELY open to both boys and girls, and we’d love for your whole class to participate.

Getting started: Check out our two intro to computer science courses from Codecademy and Khan Academy, and decide which one you think is the best fit for your students.

Students can complete either course this summer break, during those quiet days that come after exams, or even over a single weekend. You can offer extra credit or start a coding club – how you incorporate the curriculum is entirely up to you! No experience with computer science is necessary (for you or your students).

If you select Codecademy:

  1. Send your students to
  2. If you or your students have coding questions at any point, click on the “Q&A Forum” button at the bottom of each exercise. You can also check out instructional tips and offer your own advice and feedback in Codecademy's forum.

Receiving the gift codes from Codecademy

  • When eligible students complete the curriculum, we’ll e-mail them a $100 gift code within one week. (They’ll also earn a $25 code early on as a bit of encouragement.) They can apply these gift codes to the project of their choice. (We’ll e-mail them a link to your live projects with the gift code.)
  • When 4 or more of your students have completed the curriculum, we’ll e-mail you, the teacher that signed them up, a $500 gift code as an added reward.

If you select Khan Academy:

  1. Sign up as a coach at and invite your students to join your Khan Academy class. The gender field is optional for students, but please have your girls fill it out to be eligible for gift codes!
  2. We’ll email you (the teacher) a $100 gift code for every female public high school student in your Khan class who completes the curriculum.
  3. When at least 4 girls complete the curriculum, we’ll send an additional $500 gift code straight to you for encouraging them!

Details you should know about both courses:

  • Feel free to have students complete both courses. Just keep in mind that gift codes will only be distributed for completing one course per student and teacher.
  • To unlock gift codes, female students completing either course must be from a U.S. public high school.
  • We’d love for more than 4 of your students to complete either curriculum. Every eligible girl who completes one curriculum will unlock a $100 gift code (as long as funding is available). Please note that, no more than 30 gift codes from either course can be redeemed on a single teacher’s projects. Any additional codes can be applied to other worthy projects!
  • Gift codes can only be redeemed in their entirety toward projects that are eligible for funding on